What is a Late Key Waiver Fee?

If you are in the process of moving to a new home and are comparing removals quotes, the company may have discussed a “late key waiver” with you. This waiver allows you to pay a small amount to protect yourself against potential additional charges in case there are any delays in gaining access to your new home on the day of the move.

Despite careful planning, delays can occur on move day due to circumstances beyond your control. For example, if the previous homeowners are late vacating the property or if there are delays in the transfer or clearance of funds in the chain, it can hinder your access to the new property at the expected time. In such a situation, if the removal crew is left waiting outside with a truck full of your belongings, you may be responsible for extra costs.

You might wonder why there would be extra costs if you can’t get the keys to your new home as planned. When we provide you with a quote for your move, it is based on our estimation of the time required and the number of crew members needed to complete the job. If the crew has to wait without being able to proceed with their work, we still have to pay them. While we understand that such delays are beyond your control, it means our costs for the job are higher than anticipated, and these costs are covered in our contract based on the information you provided.

How does a late key waiver protect you from these costs?

Dealing with unexpected charges on your move day, when you may already be feeling stressed or anxious, is something nobody wants to face. The Late Key Waiver is a one-time fee that you pay before the move, ensuring that if you experience a delay in picking up the keys to your new property, the removal crew will wait for up to 3 hours without any additional charges. (Based on our experience, most delayed moves gain access within 3 hours.) Essentially, the Late Key Waiver provides peace of mind that if something holds you up on move day, you won’t face unexpected costs that were not accounted for, relieving at least some financial stress from the situation.

What could be the additional costs if keys are late without the Late Key Waiver?

These costs vary depending upon your move, how many vans/team members we have on the job etc. Please get in touch to discuss what the possible costs could be.

How can I obtain a late key waiver?

You should see an option on your quote that allows you to select the late key waiver when you send us your acceptance. If you don’t find this option on your quote, please inform us, and we will make sure to include it.

How can I learn more?

If you have concerns about potential delays on move day, your Move Consultant will explain in detail how the Late Key Waiver works during the pre-move survey. Alternatively, your Move Manager can guide you through the process at any time.