Cancellation Waiver for House Removals Services

We all know that moving house doesn’t always go to plan. In fact, sometimes it can go drastically off plan, and the move might not even happen at all (for example if your exchange or completion is delayed or your home purchase falls through). While this is rare, it does happen occasionally – and if you’re moving with a professional removals company, depending on how close to the move date you are when you have to cancel, it can cost you a lot of money.

Even with the most careful planning, sometimes things will affect your move date that are outside of your control If you’re worried that something might prevent you from moving house when you plan to or if you think your move dates might change then ask your removal company if they offer a Cancellation or Postponement waiver. This is a fee you pay when you book your move, a bit like the premium you pay for a flexible hotel booking, that allows you to cancel or change the date at the last minute. Whilst it is more money up front it will save you the financial stress of having to pay for removals services you can’t use and then having to pay again when you finally need them. Why are there extra costs if I have to cancel my move at short notice?

Professional removals are a carefully planned operation. Once you’ve booked your move in, your removal company will plan and reserve the resources to carry your move out. This means planning for staff, trucks, packing materials, any parking permits that need to be booked at either properties, additional services such as a lift or handyman, and anything else that’s needed to ensure you have a stress-free, easy move. Cancelling a move at short notice means that there’s no guarantee a company can secure another move in time to make use of these resources so they will incur a certain level of costs which you’ve committed to pay for. If you can’t move they will still incur these costs. What could the costs be if I have to cancel or postpone my move at the last minute? The level of costs you might incur depend entirely on the contract you have signed with your removal company so always check your contract.